T-shirts! August 24 2017

Happy to announce that many of the shirts (and more) that you have seen Brandon wearing this Summer while on tour will begin to be released in the shop. The limited edition T-shirts are stenciled musings by Brandon from his journal. Stay tuned!

About Abstracts 2016...words by Brandon December 30 2016

About Abstracts - in Brandon's words:

"Abstracts" are three watercolor pieces from a series of paintings I did this year wherein I employed the age old technique of spilling paint, letting it dry and finding the galaxies that already live therein. I had no concept of what I was painting while I was working, but more following an aesthetic intuition in little bursts of energy.

Updated catalogue of original works December 13 2016

We are often asked where and how to access Brandon's catalogue. These inquiries are best directed to Thank you!

Original Works December 22 2015

Please contact for information about Brandon's original works that are currently available!

From Brandon - About 'Five Modes of Transport' November 30 2015

As many of you know, Brandon has a lot of new work created in the past six months, this piece included. It's particularly special, and he had this to say about its creation:

I was trapped in a hotel room this summer during a huge Midwest thunderstorm and I found myself musing about the many ways in which we escape. And in getting lost in these thoughts about transporting I discovered that every mode of transport kept delivering me back into that exact moment, there in my hotel room. Painting has a funny way of allowing us to travel without moving.


Rare 'Topograffiti' Giclee Prints Available! June 30 2015


When Brandon showcased his art abroad last Fall, he created large scale giclee prints, sized to be like the original works in an edition of only 3, making them highly rare and collectible! All of the #1/3 of the series sold, and we are now releasing the others worldwide.

Contact with any questions!

Print release today!!! November 25 2014

After showcasing brand new works from his 'Topograffiti' series in Rome, Italy and Cologne, Germany last month to extremely packed audiences, Brandon is now releasing the prints debuted during these exhibitions. Today, November 25 at Noon, PST.


Catalog information of original pieces from the series is also available upon request. Imagery can be found in the 'Works' section of Brandon's website. Thanks!









'Up and Away' Now Available! June 27 2014

Brandon did a book cover for Codhill Press entitled In Search Of...

This piece was found in the middle of that book! 

You can read about the project and view the piece on page 82-83 of So The Echo!

Brandon's Original Work 'Liar' Now Available! June 12 2014

Many of Brandon's original works were sold during his showcase in Zurich so

this is a rare opportunity! Liar can be found on page 50 of So The Echo.

The piece is framed beautifully in walnut, please inquire for photos.

Pre-order Brandon's 'Four Points' print set! May 29 2014

'Four Points' print set will be available on June 2, you can pre-order today! The set consists of 4 giclee prints of very special pieces - two older ink/pencil sketches, and two new watercolor pieces all enclosed in a custom debossed envelope.

Pre-Order Brandon's New Book "So The Echo" Today! August 29 2013

We are proud to announce the pre-order of So The Echo!

Please be sure and read all instructions very carefully.

All books will begin to ship on September 9, 2013. 

Special edition books will ship on album release day, September 24, 2013.

We look forward to seeing you at a book appearance soon!

'So The Echo' June 06 2013